Nighlife Empowerment and Well-being Implementation Project

  • Who we are
    • The Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Implementation Project (NEWIP) is carried out by a network of European community-based NGOs acting in the nightlife field, nightlife professionals, local and regional authorities and agencies, treatment professionals and scientific researchers.

      The NEWIP partnership is based on the alliance of the Basics Network with the Democracy, Cities & Drugs Safer Nightlife Platform:

      Created in 1998, the members of the Basics Network "for dance culture and drug awareness" are European peer projects issued from party scenes with the aim of promoting health and harm reduction in the recreational settings. They develop practice sharing and have produced guidelines on safer nightlife issues.

      From 2005 to 2011, the Democracy, Cities & Drugs (DC&D) projects aim to help EU cities in developing local, integrated and partnership based municipal drug policies and practices in the field of drugs. In this framework, the DC&D Safer Nightlife platform, gathering 16 local NGOs and 7 European cities and regions, has produced guidelines, a digital library, videos, etc.
  • Mission
    • To promote safer nightlife, in collaboration with all the safer nightlife stakeholders (nightlife professionals, peers, harm reduction NGOs, administrations, etc.) by implementing health promotion, community empowerment and harm/risk reduction strategies.

      To propose responses to the new challenges in the fields of harm reduction and health promotion among young European people, using recreational settings as starting outreach spaces.
  • Ethics

    The ethical framework in which the NEWIP partners are working together is based on:

    The Basics Network charter:
    - All actions are based on party goers’ and drug users’ needs and experiences.
    - Differences concerning lifestyles, especially in sexuality and drug use, are explicitly accepted.
    - We respect the confidentiality to all people for whom we provide services.
    - We promote the principle of transparency in providing objective information about sexuality and drug use.

    The Democracy, Cities & Drugs resolution

    The principles defined by the European Harm Reduction Network:
    - Human rights and public health approach, to diminish the harms and risks
    - Pragmatism
    - Humanism
    - Evidence-based
    - Activist-based (grass roots)
    - Empowerment
    - Involvement of health professionals, users, law enforcement and community
    - Non-judgmental
    - Step by step
    - Respecting differences and diversity
         -type of drugs
         -patterns of use
    - criticize politics that major harms

    The promotion of a positive nightlife community development, including all stakeholders and taking into account the health, cultural and economical factors of the nightlife sector.

    The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

    The Scientific Research on Psychological variables will be conducted with attention to the professional guidelines and standards offered by the American Psychologist Association APA

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