Nightlife Reconsidered

This book tells the story of two prevention organizations from different countries. It is based on twelve years of experience in the field with more than one and a half million prevention materials distributed, over one thousand direct interventions in field, five studies on the use of drugs and alcohol… It is a book about experience, learning, growing, enthusiasm and cooperation. The collaboration between Slovenia’s DrogArt and Italy’s Etnoblog began two years ago. Sharing a common pursuit in the field of harm reduction in nightlife, we first collaborated within the scope of the Safe Coast project, which was endorsed by the European Commission. The partnership was outstanding as years of experience mingled and merged and intertwined with incredible facility. We realized immediately which methods were superior and how each organization could benefit from the other’s know-how. DrogArt brought to the table invaluable experiences with outreach activities, research, counseling and disseminating information, while Etnoblog introduced the concept of subsidizing taxis to drive clubbers to their destinations and back to reduce the risks related with driving under the influence. Trieste’s Overnight Taxi concept was adopted across the border within three months as the After Taxi project, which now operates in three major Slovenian cities. Providing a safe ride and encouraging partygoers to take a taxi to and from parties have thus become key elements of safer partying. This book is intended for all who are intrigued by or play an active role in nightlife. It is intended for event organizers, club owners, legislators responsible for drafting and enacting drug policies, and organizations working in the field of harm reduction related to drug or alcohol use and STDs. Finally, it is intended for anyone willing to learn from our experiences and to contribute to efforts to reduce the risks in nightlife settings.



Matej Sande and other


The Etnoblog Intercultural Association








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Rubrik: Party-Kultur / Safer Dancing