LEIPZIG: Severe side effects with weed / hash / joints?

Dear People from Leipzig,
currently we are receiving more and more incidents in Leipzig, where people report unusual and sometimes very severe side effects when smoking CBD / cannabis.

The side effects can be:

  • unusual intoxication effects that are very different from the effects of common cannabis or CBD products
  • strong change in perception (vision, hearing, sense of touch, etc.)
  • feeling of uneasiness / inner restlessness / anxiety
  • circulatory problems / balance disorders
  • (strong) nausea / vomiting
  • sweating
  • headache
  • palpitations
  • increased blood pressure
  • (severe) tremors / convulsions up to seizures
  • acute psychotic states
  • unconsciousness (Blackout) / comatose states

ATTENTION: There might be synthetic cannabinoids in the weed / hash

Synthetic cannabinoids are chemically produced “New Psychoactive Substances” (NPS). The risks of use are in some cases much higher than for CBD products and natural cannabis.
Synthetic cannabinoids have effects at very low doses when first consumed. They can cause severe damage and have been linked to several deaths !

They are mostly applied as a solution on CBD / cannabis products (weed / hash). It is not possible to see them with the naked eye. Also the taste usually does not change.

Since the risk can not be assessed, we generally advise against the use of synthetic cannabinoids!

Here some hints to be more safe:

+ pay attention to who you accept joints / weed / hash from

+ ask exactly what substances it is and what effect can be expected

+ if you try the weed / hash for the first time, take only a minimal amount and wait for the effect.

+ do not let yourself be persuaded to consume – you decide about yourself!

+ in case of strong side effects – drink a lot of water, breathe calmly and get help! – dial the emergency number 112

+ in case of unconsciousness: stable side position

More information on synthetic cannabinoids in english can be found here:

European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction: https://www.emcdda.europa.eu/topics/synthetic-cannabinoids_en(link is external)

Drug Science: https://www.drugscience.org.uk/drug-information/spice(link is external)

Erowid: https://erowid.org/chemicals/cannabinoids/cannabinoids.shtml(link is external)

Podcast - Psychopharmacologicoly Institute: https://psychopharmacologyinstitute.com/publication/designer-drugs-can-y...(link is external)

More information in german:

Mindzone – Fake-Hasch, Schlechtes Dope - Verunreinigtes Cannabis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGEp9fs2YF0(link is external)(link is external)
Drug Scouts – Drogenlexikon: https://drugscouts.de/de/lexikon/r%C3%A4uchermischungensynthetische-cann...
You can also reach us personally – see opening hours.

Presentation from the Project Sonar on synthetic cannabinoids:
https://fb.watch/52vCNXyN2A/(link is external)

Mindzone – Podcast:  https://mindzone.info/aktuelles/synthetische-cannabinoide/(link is external)

If you suspect that your (CBD) weed contains synthetic cannabinoids, you can contact the following project: www.legal-high-inhaltsstoffe.de(link is external)
Here you can test new psychoactive substances. The colleagues there will explain the procedure to you.

CN: unintentional administration of substances / assaultive behavior / rape.



We have also recently received reports of people who seem to have been intentionally deceived and then experienced (sexualized) assaultive behavior. We have heard of at least 2 incidents of people in the west of Leipzig who were offered “CBD joints”, but then experienced severe side effects. It is suspected that the persons were deliberately deceived in order to be defenseless against sexualized assaults in a knocked-out state.

What can I do ?

+ Follow the tips above

+ If you have consumed and you feel strange, tell a person you trust / go to a safe place.

+ Call the emergency number 112

+ If you suspect that you have been unknowingly administered synthetic cannabinoids, get a medial examination as soon as possible, securing blood and urine samples and documenting possible injuries. The same applies if you have been raped under the influence or suspect that you have been raped.

Here are a few addresses in Leipzig you can contact:

Medical emergency service – Tel: 116 117

Dr. med. Ulrike Böhm – specialist for forensic medicine in Leipzig: https://rechtsmedizin-leipzig.de/(link is external)

Bellis victim protection and violence prevention:
http://bellis-leipzig.de/angebote/gewaltschutzambulanz/(link is external)

Women’s emergency hotline – specialized and counseling center for sexualized violence – emergency phone (0 – 24 hours): 0341 – 30 61 0800
http://frauennotruf-leipzig.de/frauennotruf.html(link is external)

Here is also an overview of more services for sexualized violence:
https://www.leipzig.de/buergerservice-und-verwaltung/sicherheit-und-ordn...(link is external)

+ Or ask your local network for support

If you want more information about the substances – contact us – during our opening hours by phone or write us an email: drugscouts@drugscouts.de