4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine (C10 H 14BrNo 2).

2C-B is also known by the names Nexus, Erox, Herox, Bromomescalin and BDMPEA, but is most commonly sold as Ecstasy in pill form. Acetate/hydrochloride/bromide salts (crystalline powder forms) and capsules are also available.

Medicine men in South Africa use it as a remedy which goes by the name of "Ubulawu Nomathotholo".


Dose: 5-25 mg swallowed, 2-15 mg snorted.

The effect is very dose-dependent. The drug's effect kicks in after 5-10 minutes if snorted and 30-60 minutes if swallowed. A high is reached after 1-1½ hours and can last 3-6 hours.

Effects depend on the user's emotional state, external factors and the dose. 2C-B can be sexually stimulating with an aphrodisiac effect, may bring about feelings of harmony and euphoria and distort the balance of the mind. It heightens all the senses and in most cases causes hallucinations.
2C-B can produce different effects and side-effects for every individual each time it is taken.

Short-term side effects

It burns the nasal mucous membranes if snorted.

The pulse rate rises slightly, both blood pressure and body temperature increase, critical faculties and responses are impaired, as is the ability to drive. With higher doses horrifying trips are more likely as users can find the loss of control and distorted sense of reality threatening.

Long-term side effects

We are not aware of any scientific research into the side-effects of long-term use.
As the active ingredients do not drain serotonin levels like amphetamines do, it is assumed that the known changes in the brain caused by taking (meth)amphetamine do not occur.

Latent (underlying) psychosis may be triggered, which can lead to permanent damage to mental health.

Interaction with other drugs

Complications from taking this drug with other substances have not been documented as yet, but take a lower dose than you normally would if using with other substances. Be particularly careful when mixing with downers (alcohol, heroin etc.).

Safer use

As 2C-B is a powerful mind-altering drug, people with anxiety problems should avoid taking it at all and especially in situations likely to cause anxiety.

As it is even more difficult to predict the effects when taken with other drugs, you are advised against mixing them.

People with mental illness, diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take 2C-B under any circumstances.

Take a break of at least a week between trips.

Be aware of the impairment to driving.