Anabolics = anabolic steroids, a group of hormones that are produced naturally in the body and mimic the effects of the male sex hormone testosterone. e.g.: Stanozolol, Nandrolon, Anapolon50, Dianabol etc.

Used by competitive sportsmen and sportswomen and bodybuilders to build up the muscle substance. Used medicinally to treat severe loss of body weight, developmental disorders (dysgenesis) and growth inhibition.

Anabolics are swallowed in tablet form, or injected into the muscles as a solution. Detectable in the urine for up to 14 days, depending on the substance


Dose: Varies according to substance and method of administration; ranges between 20-400 mg/day.

A distinction is made between desirable anabolic effect (building up the muscle substance, reducing the proportion of body fat) and the androgenic or masculinising effect. Build-up of muscle substance due to increased conversion of proteins into endogenous proteins. This means that more water is stored up, making the muscles distend.
Effect: reduced tiredness, enhanced physical performance, increased stamina, greater appetite, a sense of heightened euphoria, increased self-assurance, increased sex drive, increased aggressiveness.

Anabolic steroids have a greater effect on women than on men as women have a lower testosterone level.

Short-term side effects

Blood pressure is raised, natural hormone production is reduced and the hormone balance is significantly disturbed. Shortness of breath, acne (especially on the back), increased perspiration, water retention, headaches, tiredness, feelings of aggression and minor mood swings right through to psychoses.

If the drug is injected, infection can result in abscesses at the point of injection.

Once a person stops taking the substance, there may be a sharp decrease in physical performance, muscle degradation, lack of drive and depression.

Long-term side effects

With regular consumption over a long period of time, depending on the substance and the duration of its use, the following side effects may occur:

In men: reduction in sperm production, infertility and feminine breast development may occur.

In women: increased masculinisation: broadening of the sacrum, deeper voice, growth of facial hair, menstrual disturbances, shrinking of the breasts and infertility are possible.

In general: Liver and kidney damage, damage to tendons and ligaments/strained locomotor system, muscle development, including in undesirable places (e.g. jaw), increased risk of heart attack, circulatory defects, hair loss and memory loss.

Psychological dependency is possible.

Interaction with other drugs

Little is known as yet about any interaction with other substances, however, in general consumption with other drugs is not advisable as the effect of several different substances is always unpredictable.

Safer Use

People with liver and heart defects should not take anabolics!

Young people should not take anabolic steroids as they are still growing and anabolic steroids may inhibit growth.

Do not consume during pregnancy! Risk of undesirable hormonal changes for the child.

During consumption of anabolic steroids, do not consume any foods or drinks rich in vitamins, proteins or carbohydrates.

If anabolics increase your sex drive, please think about safer sex (use a condom)!

This information is not intended to promote drug taking. Anabolic steroids are prescription-only medicines and dealing in them is an infringement of the law on pharmaceuticals.



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