Crack and Freebase are smoked forms of cocaine. Cocaine hydrochloride is converted into cocaine base (heated up with baking powder for crack), producing white to tan coloured stones which are then smoked.
Freebase is made by heating cocaine with ammonia and is inhaled straight away as the active ingredient disperses very fast on contact with air. For crack a cocaine purity of 50-95% is achieved, with freebase it is 90-99% pure.

The substances are generally smoked in small pipes or on aluminium foil. Crack and Freebase are also know as Base, Supercoke, Rocks and Stones.


Crack and Freebase produce a very brief but instant high which kicks in within a few seconds unlike snorting cocaine, as virtually all the drug is drawn into the lungs at once very quickly. The high lasts around 5-15 minutes ending in an abrupt comedown.

Effects: mood-enhancing, euphoria, feeling of energy, heightened awareness, alertness and feeling of power.

Short-term side effects

Raised blood pressure, thinning of arteries (risk of heart attack), deadened mucous membranes, raised body temperature, dilated pupils. Loss of appetite and feelings of tiredness.
Feelings of anxiety, sleep problems, depression and irritability can occur.

Long-term side effects

Possible damage to lungs and respiratory tract - due to build-up of deposits of residue from smoking (like the contents of an ashtray). Using crack/freebase during pregnancy can lead to vascular constriction resulting in so-called "crack babies" being born with deformities and paralysis.

Prolonged, regular use can result in: tooth decay caused by loss of calcium, blood clotting disorders caused by porous/narrowed veins, liver damage and brain damage.
There is a risk of physical dependency as cocaine use can become addictive. It can trigger psychotic disorders.

Safer Use

Before and after taking it you should drink and eat well (plenty of vitamins) as crack and freebase drain the body of important vitamins and minerals.

To avoid overdoses it is better to take a lower dose.

You must avoid taking it with other psychoactive substances so as not to increase the risk of damage to health any further, and to avoid the unwanted effects of mixing drugs.

Don't use again straight away - take a break.

Clean the crack pipe thoroughly each time it is used so the respiratory organs are not damaged any further by deposits found at the bottom of the pipe.

When having sex on crack/freebase don't forget the rules on safe sex (use a condom).

Be aware of the impairment to driving. 

This information is not intended to promote drug-taking. Cocaine (including crack and freebase) is illegal under the BtMG (Dangerous Drugs Act) and possessing, buying or dealing in these substances is punishable by law.



Diese Informationen sind keine Anleitung oder Motivierung zum Drogenkonsum! Kokain (also auch Crack und Freebase) unterliegt dem BtMG. Besitz, Erwerb und Handel damit sind strafbar! Dieser Text wurde nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen verfasst. Dennoch können Irrtümer nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Die Drug Scouts übernehmen keine Haftung für Schäden, die durch irgendeine Art der Nutzung der Informationen dieses Textes entstehen.