White (sometimes also blue, pink or other single colour) crystalline powder, also sold in tablet and capsule form.

How it's taken:
Generally snorted, but can also be swallowed. More rarely methamphetamine in recrystallised form is smoked (Ice - which is especially pure).
Shows up in urine for up to 3 days after taking it.
Very high level of purity compared with speed.
May be cut with: paracetamol, lactose, caffeine, ephedrine.

Methamphetamine is also known as: Crystal, Yaba, Perlik or Pernik, Piko, Ice, Speed, Crystal Speed, Crank.


Lasts 4-20 hours (5-50 mg) and with higher doses the effect can last more than 24 hours. You feel high after approx. 30-40 minutes if swallowed and approx. 5-15 minutes if snorted. It releases adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine.

Possible effects: heightened awareness, nervousness, contentment, increased self-confidence, reduced feelings of pain, lack of hunger or thirst, raised blood pressure and pulse rate, quickened breathing, increased compulsive involuntary movements and extreme talkativeness. With higher doses it can have mind-altering effects (visual and acoustic hallucinations).

Short-term side effects

It can cause: tremors, agitation, sleep problems, dilated pupils, impaired short-term memory, aggression, heart arrhythmia, headaches, nausea.

An overdose can lead to: fever, sweating, dry mouth, dizziness, tremors, collapse, panic attacks, sudden drop in blood pressure.

Depression, irritability, lethargy, extreme hunger and 20-30 hours of deep sleep may follow a few days after taking it. In extreme cases side-effects can last up to 2 weeks.

Long-term side effects

Prolonged use of Crystal may lead to severe weight loss, skin inflammation, tooth decay, stomach pains, perforation of the stomach, heart arrhythmia, aggressive behaviour, paranoid delusions right up as far amphetamine psychosis (temporary, severe anxiety and hallucinations) as well as haemorrhaging. Plus it is likely that levels of the hormones serotonin and dopamine in the brain are permanently reduced (but effects on the body and psyche are still unclear).

You can build up tolerance to it very quickly so you need more and more each time.

Regular use over a prolonged period runs the risk of physical dependency.

Interaction with other drugs

Other side effects may occur if taken with other drugs. The following combinations are particularly dangerous:

Methamphetamine + alcohol = risk of alcohol poisoning

Methamphetamine + cannabis = cannabis increases the effect of methamphetamine and can lead to hallucinations.

Methamphetamine + ecstasy = puts a strain on the body, risk of dehydration even greater.

Methamphetamine + barbiturates (sleeping pills) = can result in circulatory collapse.

Safer Use

People with anxiety, heart/circulation problems, high blood pressure, overactive thyroid and mental illness should not take Crystal.

Crystal should not be taken during pregnancy.

Alcohol-free drinks, plenty of Vitamin C.

Chill out while you're on it to avoid overheating.

You must avoid mixing it with other drugs and take breaks.

If snorting: Look after your nose. Rinse your nose after every hit (1 spoonful of sea salt to ¼ litre of warm water) and clean with ointment every now and then. Cut the crystal powder as fine as possible, the bigger the crystals the more damaging they are to your nasal mucous membranes because they are sharp.

Be aware of the impairment to driving.

This information is not intended to promote drug-taking. Amphetamines are illegal under the BtMG (Dangerous Drugs Act) and possessing, buying or dealing in these substances is punishable by law.



Diese Informationen sind keine Anleitung oder Motivierung zum Drogenkonsum! Amphetamin-Produkte unterliegen dem BtMG. Besitz, Erwerb und Handel damit sind strafbar!
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