Ecstasy is the general name for different substances like MDMA, MDA, MDE and MBDB.

Distribution: usually in pill/tablet form, sometimes as capsules with different imprints or symbols. May be mixed with: lactose, sucrose, artificial colors, caffeine, speed or ephedrine. And, in very few cases, substances like PMA [paramethoxyamphetamine], atropine or scopolamine which can seriously damage your health and potentially may be life-threatening.

The amount of MDMA in an ecstasy pill can vary greatly. In 2003, the German Office of Criminal Investigations found that 96% of the products confiscated and offered as ecstasy had only one active ingredient [of that number 98.9% had only MDMA]. According to testing done by Eve & Rave, in 2002 the average amount of MDMA [calculated as hydrochloride] was 83.4 mg. In 2003, the average was 89.7 mg. In 2005 [January 1 - June 5] the average was 104.7 mg, but in 2000, the average was 74.1 mg. This shows that the amount of MDMA in pills isn't always going down – like some people suggest! 

It is always possible that pills with risky substances are in circulation. So: always pay attention to the warnings!


The effect depends on [among other things] the dosage, the purity, the tolerance level and the setting (environment) of the user. Ecstasy causes a release of the body's neurotransmitter serotonin. Effects will usually start 30-45 minutes after consumption.

Spectrum of effects:
Stimulating and/or relaxing (at lower doses), depending on the active ingredients slightly hallucinogenic, short-term stamina, openness and empathy (this is why it's also called the love drug - but not a sex drug since it may cause erection problems), feeling comfortable in one's own skin, tingling in your limbs.

MDMA (empathogen effect) increases sensory perception and feelings of empathy, increases sympathetic feelings, increases readiness to communicate, strengthens feelings of belonging.

MDE = MDEA/MBDB (mostly entactogen effect) increases internal sensation and perception.

How long the effects last: depends on the active ingredients: MDA 6-8 hours, MDMA 3-5 hours, MDE = MDEA 2-3 hours, MDBD 4-5 hours

Short-term side effects

At the beginning, the following often occurs:
feelings of dizziness, increased heart rate, raised body temperature ("ecstasy fever"), sweating and nausea. Also possible: decreased appetite and sense of tiredness, dilated pupils, changes in seeing and hearing abilities, jaw cramping (gnashing teeth), strong thirst which should be taken care of to avoid overheating (hyperthermia). Dehydration can be fatal.

Risks: cardiovascular collapse through overexertion and lack of oxygen, kidneys and liver failure: in acute cases, get emergency care immediately!

After the effects have worn off you may get an "ecstasy hangover" (depression, more easily frustrated, fear).

Long-term side effects

Long-term consumption can increase/strengthen the side effects for users.
Building tolerance: losing the high with higher doses (1-2 month break from usage is necessary).

Weight loss due to malnourishment can come from a loss of appetite, liver and kidney damage from not drinking enough liquids.

Interaction with other drugs

E + Alcohol: strains the liver and kidneys, additional dehydration.

E + Cannabis: Cannabis makes you come down.

E + Speed/Crystal: Speed/Crystal "kills" the E high.

E + Cocaine: much higher risk to the heart and cardiovascular system.

E (MDMA) + Crystal (methamphetamine): after consuming methamphetamines, plan at least a 2-day break before taking MDMA. For long-term users, wait at least 1 week before taking MDMA - otherwise MDMA will have no impact.

E + Medication: do not take together with beta-blockers, tricycline antidepressants and SSRI: risk of serotonin syndrome!

E + Protease inhibitors (HIV treatment): blocks the breakdown process of MDMA: poisoning is possible!

Taking MAO inhibitors (medicaments against depression) and ecstasy at the same time can cause an uncontrollable lengthening and strengthening of the effects, and strains the cardiovascular system.

Safer Use

Pay attention: you can never be certain what, and how much, of a substance is in a product purchased on the black market. Pay attention to what you buy, and who you buy from. Take advantage of "drug checking" (substance analysis or quick tests).

People with the following conditions should never consume ecstasy: asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, problems with heart/cardiovascular system regulation. Psychologically unstable people should be advised not to take ecstasy. Pay attention to your own "inner condition". That means, whether you feel good/bad, whether you're healthy/have pain, whether you're tired/awake, whether you're stressed/calm. Your inner condition influences the impact of the drug for the good or the bad. Never use ecstasy to improve your mood or to avoid problems!

Only consume ecstasy when you feel comfortable with the people and the environment around you. When consuming, always keep in contact with someone that you trust. Take a half of a pill at first to protect yourself from overdosing or "bad" pills. Don't take the next one immediately after it! Alcohol-free drinks, vitamin C (fresh fruits), taking a break from dancing and fresh air lower risks of health damage. Don't wear anything on your head - you'll risk overheating and in extreme cases heat stroke.

Mixing ecstasy with other drugs increases your health risks. Take breaks in consumption: the pills won't go bad, but your tolerance level will increase.

For "mental hangovers", a fresh shower, fresh clothing, enough sleep and food with tryptophanes (milk, eggs, bananas, nuts, noodles) can help.

Keep in mind the impact on your ability to drive!

Female Special

Since many women weigh less than men, the same dose can have a stronger effect on women. MDMA also causes a stronger depression in women than in men.

The consumption of ecstasy can increase menstruation pains, can impact fertility, and impact the monthly cycle [irregular or skipped periods]. Still, you may get pregnant! Protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases by using condoms!

Consuming ecstasy in the first weeks of pregnancy can harm the fetus: cause heart failures and other development problems. Extremely high levels of ecstasy consumption during pregnancy can lead to serious development problems as well as premature birth and miscarriage.

This information is not intended to promote drug consumption. Most of the ingredients in pills sold as ecstasy are subject to the guidelines for registered and controlled pharmaceuticals [BtMG]. Possession, buying or dealing these substances is punishable! This text was made with the best intention and conscience. However, there may be errors. The Drug Scouts do not take responsibility for damage resulting from any application of the information in this article.



Diese Informationen sind keine Anleitung oder Motivierung zum Drogenkonsum! Die meisten Inhaltsstoffe der als Ecstasy verkauften Tabletten unterliegen dem BtMG. Besitz, Erwerb und Handel damit sind strafbar! Dieser Text wurde nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen verfasst. Dennoch können Irrtümer nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Die Drug Scouts übernehmen keine Haftung für Schäden, die durch irgendeine Art der Nutzung der Informationen dieses Textes entstehen.