Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), also known as liquid ecstasy, liquid E, Liquid X, Fantasy etc. is sold in powder form (sometimes cut with other substances) or as a colourless liquid in small bottles (the dose is usually uncertain!), and normally tastes very salty.

GHB is a substance that occurs naturally in the brain. It is a messenger substance which, among other things, regulates waking and sleeping (DOPAMINE) and stimulates growth hormones, which is why it is also known as a doping agent. In medicine, GHB is used as a narcotic, and also in midwifery and as a remedy for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. GHB as a medicine is swallowed or drunk, and also injected as appropriate.


The drug takes effect approximately 10-20 minutes after oral ingestion. The effect lasts 1.5 to 3 hours and depends greatly on the dose and the influences of any other drugs/medicines consumed (!) as well as your physical and psychological state. A dose of approx. 0.75 - 1.5 g has a slightly euphoric, relaxing, calming effect, similar to the effect of a low to medium dose of alcohol. GHB may be a sexual stimulant - the sense of taste is sensitised and the inhibition threshold reduced. An extreme urge to talk (babbling) can occur.

At a higher dose of 1-2.5 g, the relaxation effect intensifies to the point of sleepiness and the motor capabilities are considerably more limited.

From a dose of 2.5 g, a deep, coma-like sleep may occur, to the point of loss of consciousness.

Short-term side effects
The higher the dose, the more probable are nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Heartbeat and blood pressure are slightly reduced. Headache, confusion, difficulty in breathing, memory impairment and convulsions may occur at very high doses.

After-effects may vary, and there may not be any at all. There have been reports of headaches and sleepiness, or even positive moods, a sense of refreshment and increased alertness.

Long-term side effects

When the drug is used more frequently than once a week, the negative after-effects increase considerably. With regular use, there is the risk of the slow onset of psychological dependency.

Whether there are other long-term side effects, is not as yet known.

Interaction with other drugs

GHB intensifies the paralysing effect on respiration of opiates (heroin, methadone, polamidone, codeine etc.) - DANGER OF SUFFOCATION!

Alcohol intensifies the effect of GHB, so this is very dangerous! Most GHB deaths are triggered by the simultaneous use of alcohol and opiates!

When using GHB, avoid simultaneous consumption of milk products,- otherwise severe nausea and vomiting are possible!

Safer use

People with epilepsy, heart or kidney disorders should not use GHB under any circumstances.

As it is rarely clear how high the substance dose is and how your body will react to it, TAKE ONLY A VERY LOW DOSE INITIALLY! (for testing purposes).

Avoid mixing it with any other substance, in particular with ACOLHOL!

Only take GHB in an atmosphere/environment in which you feel at ease, and when you are feeling well. Ensure that there is somebody nearby who knows that you have taken the drug.

Drink sufficient water, and take care to eat vitamin and mineral-rich (potassium-rich) foods.

Bear in mind that driving under the influence of GHB is dangerous!

This information is not intended to promote drug taking! GHB is a prescription-only drug and must not be sold privately or over the counter.



Diese Informationen sind keine Anleitung oder Motivierung zum Drogenkonsum! GHB ist seit dem 1.3.2002 der Anlage III des Betäubungsmittelgesetzes (BtMG) unterstellt: Unbefugter Besitz, Erwerb und Handel sind strafbar! Bezüglich GBL ist die Rechtslage nicht eindeutig. Es unterliegt nicht dem BtMG, sondern dem Chemikaliengesetz und der Gefahrenstoffverordnung. Der Besitz ist nicht strafbar. Nach dem Arzneimittelgesetz (AMG) können jedoch die Abgabe zu Konsumzwecken bzw. die Synthese von GBL zu GHB als Ordnungswidrigkeit oder Straftat geahndet werden. Dieser Text wurde nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen verfasst. Dennoch können Irrtümer nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Die Drug Scouts übernehmen keine Haftung für Schäden, die durch irgendeine Art der Nutzung der Informationen dieses Textes entstehen.