Salvia Divinorum


Salvia divinorum is the botanical name of an evergreen, herbaceous plant. It contains the psychoactive ingredient Salvinorin A, a diterpene, in all parts of the plant (the leaves have the highest concentration).
Salvinorin A is currently the most potent natural hallucinogen. Just 1 mg can have powerful effects. Concentration in the leaves is around 0.8 - 4 mg/g. The concentration of active ingredient may vary. 0.2-0.4 g of dried leaves, if smoked, may be enough to achieve the full spectrum of effects (depending on the technique used for smoking).
Fresh or dried leaves may also be chewed, and these are bitter.
The juice is not swallowed as the active agents are only absorbed through the oral mucous membrane.

The number of leaves for one threshold dose is 6 fresh, medium-sized leaves. To achieve a stronger effect, 8 - 10 leaves can be taken, though some people seem to require significantly more. Extracts exist (Salvia XXL, 5X, 10X) and these are several times stronger than the leaves (e.g. 5X = 5 times stronger). There are also tinctures for absorption in the mouth.


When smoked, the main effect usually lasts for 5-15 minutes and sets in after approximately 30 seconds - 1 minute. The peak is at about 2 minutes. When chewed, the effect lasts 30 minutes - 1 hour. After that, the effect slowly wears off. The effects are somewhat similar in mid-effect to mushrooms (psilocybin) or LSD. But the actual effect of Salvinorin is barely comparable with other hallucinogenic or psychoactive substances.

At high doses a wide range of changes in perception may occur: extreme personality changes, "contact with other beings", time travel, physical deformation, changes in geometry, separation of the consciousness from the body, experience of parallel realities, mind blanks, visual hallucinations, forces drawing the body, laughter attacks and in particular escape from reality. All these effects are experienced as clear and particularly real.

Short-term side effects

Sometimes extreme outbreaks of sweating occur. In particular in inexperienced users or when the effects are unexpectedly powerful, anxiety, panic and especially disorientation may easily set in.

Sometimes users go around without noticing their surroundings and accidents may happen. There is therefore a real risk of doing unintentional damage to oneself, if there is no observer at hand, even if this condition does not last very long.

It may also happen that the user may not remember that he has taken a drug. These side effects depend on the dose.

Long-term side effects

Smoking damages the lungs and other long-term effects are not yet known, though little research has yet been done into Salvia. As with any hallucinogen, psychological problems may occur in certain people with (latent, undetected) psychoses.

Interaction with other drugs

A powerful Salvia trip exceeds almost all known drugs. However, the effect may be intensified (e.g. care should be taken when used with mushrooms/ LSD) or may alter. Inexperienced users especially should abstain from consumption with other drugs.

Safer Use

Depending on the form in which it is taken, Salvia varies greatly in its effects when smoked (joint = weak, pipe = medium, bong = may be extremely strong). Therefore, always take a very low dose when taking the drug in a new form.

The drug takes effect very rapidly and for this reason the device used for smoking the drug must be safely disposed of immediately after use, or better still taken away by a friend. Otherwise, fire or water damage may occur. It is best to put the smoking device in a safe place immediately after a long, deep inhalation and not to hold it in the hand for further drags as the drug can take effect very suddenly.

Salvia has extreme psychological effects. The consumer sometimes experiences a completely different reality, and may act accordingly. For this reason, particularly in the case of inexperienced users (and, where possible, also later) an observer MUST be present! Also when an extract of unknown strength or a high dose is consumed, an observer is very much to be recommended. Undesirable accidents seem to be the only known problem currently, but are avoidable. Any persons present will generally be a disturbance, and that is why, where possible, only one observer should be present and should remain quiet.

Salvia divinorum is not a party drug.

It may also be that Salvia will only take effect properly after a few tries.

The user himself should take up a quiet and safe position (lying down or sitting up).

Salvia divinorum is not for fun, but is an extremely potent drug and should therefore only be taken with extreme caution. Anyone with psychological problems should leave Salvia alone.

Salvia should not be used by people under age 21.

This information is not intended to motivate drug taking. Salvia divinorum is not covered by the BtMG (Dangerous Drugs Act) and possessing, buying or dealing in this substance are not punishable by law. This does not mean however that this substance is safe or that it can be consumed without risk!



Diese Informationen sind keine Anleitung oder Motivierung zum Drogenkonsum!  Salvia Divinorum ist seit dem 15. Februar 2008 in der Anlage I des BtMG aufgeführt. Besitz, Erwerb und Handel sind somit strafbar! Dieser Text wurde nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen verfasst. Dennoch können Irrtümer nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Die Drug Scouts übernehmen keine Haftung für Schäden, die durch irgendeine Art der Nutzung der Informationen dieses Textes entstehen.