About Us

"what we are"

we are young people who speak up for accepting, honest and realistic information on drugs and their use

"what we are not"

  • we are neither pro nor anti drugs
  • we are not moralistic
  • we are neither a governmental nor a religious institution

...in 1996 a group of young people came together in order to deal with the various problems arising out of the use of illegal drugs.

Since young people often take drugs in a very problematic and risky way it seems useful and necessary for us to come up with new ideas on how to inform on drug use. This includes taking a closer look at both the positive and the negative aspects of drug use. Assuming that young people mostly take drugs temporarily, information on short-term and long-term side-effects of drugs and their use can effectively help to prevent drug-related accidents. It can also reduce the chance that people impair their health.

Specific information on more dangerous and less risky forms of application and on the probability of addiction to legal and illegal substances can enable consumers to handle drugs more consciously and with less risks. Furthermore it can help them to decide not to take particular or any drugs because they think it too risky for them personally. An accepting approach towards both these attitudes is a fundamental principle of our work. Our long-term goal is to reduce the problems associated with drug use.

We hope to achieve this aim through information and through promoting more conscious, less risky and more cultivated ways of dealing with drugs.