"H", "Horse", "Skag", "Junk", " "Stuff", "Poison", "Brown", "Smack", "Shoot" have one thing in common: they are all names for HEROIN.

Heroin, which is converted to morphine in the body, is an OPIATE and is manufactured from raw opium. Opium is the dried milky exudate obtained from the opium poppy (papaver somniferum). Heroin reaches the market in a wide range of purities. The quality of street heroin varies generally between a purity of 3 and 15%.



Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), also known as liquid ecstasy, liquid E, Liquid X, Fantasy etc. is sold in powder form (sometimes cut with other substances) or as a colourless liquid in small bottles (the dose is usually uncertain!), and normally tastes very salty.



Ecstasy is the general name for different substances like MDMA, MDA, MDE and MBDB.

Distribution: usually in pill/tablet form, sometimes as capsules with different imprints or symbols. May be mixed with: lactose, sucrose, artificial colors, caffeine, speed or ephedrine. And, in very few cases, substances like PMA [paramethoxyamphetamine], atropine or scopolamine which can seriously damage your health and potentially may be life-threatening.



White (sometimes also blue, pink or other single colour) crystalline powder, also sold in tablet and capsule form.

How it's taken:
Generally snorted, but can also be swallowed. More rarely methamphetamine in recrystallised form is smoked (Ice - which is especially pure).
Shows up in urine for up to 3 days after taking it.
Very high level of purity compared with speed.
May be cut with: paracetamol, lactose, caffeine, ephedrine.



Crack and Freebase are smoked forms of cocaine. Cocaine hydrochloride is converted into cocaine base (heated up with baking powder for crack), producing white to tan coloured stones which are then smoked.
Freebase is made by heating cocaine with ammonia and is inhaled straight away as the active ingredient disperses very fast on contact with air. For crack a cocaine purity of 50-95% is achieved, with freebase it is 90-99% pure.

Koffein / Energizer


The concentration of the various ingredients and active agents in coffee varies, depending on the formula of the raw coffees used, their origin, the roasting method, the method of preparation etc. In addition to caffeine, there are a whole series of ingredients responsible for the unmistakable aroma. These are, among other things, tannins (proteins and organic acids), carbohydrates and a large proportion of substances hitherto unknown, some of which are created by the process of roasting or infusion itself. The main active agent is caffeine.



Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the South American coca plant. Mainly in the Andes, the coca leaves are traditionally chewed or brewed to be drunk in an infusion (concentration of active agent 0.5 - 1%). The South American Indians have used coca for centuries to suppress hunger and tiredness and in order to be able to withstand greater physical exertion and lack of oxygen. When street cocaine is used, a considerably more potently stimulating effect is achieved than by the traditional chewing of the leaves.



Cannabis belongs to the hemp family. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main active agent in the three hemp plants Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis sativa. THC is classified as a cannabinoid substance. The THC content in some plants may be practically zero and in others may make up 25% of the resin.



Anabolics = anabolic steroids, a group of hormones that are produced naturally in the body and mimic the effects of the male sex hormone testosterone. e.g.: Stanozolol, Nandrolon, Anapolon50, Dianabol etc.

Used by competitive sportsmen and sportswomen and bodybuilders to build up the muscle substance. Used medicinally to treat severe loss of body weight, developmental disorders (dysgenesis) and growth inhibition.