The clinical Use of Blood

The Clinical Use of Blood Handbook provides a handy guide to the appropriate use of blood and blood products for prescribers of blood at all levels of the healthcare system. It is designed to provide a quick reference to transfusion, particularly when an urgent clinical decision is required. It summarizes key information from a more extensive module of learning material: The Clinical Use of Blood. Both the module and handbook have been prepared by an international team of clinical and blood transfusion specialists and reviewed by relevant WHO departments and critical readers from a range of specialties from all regions of the world. The handbook introduces the principles of the appropriate use of blood and blood products and outlines the characteristics and indications for use of intravenous replacement fluids, whole blood, blood components and plasma derivatives. It provides a detailed guide to clinical transfusion procedures and the recognition and management of transfusion reactions. Comprehensive guidance is given on transfusion and alternatives to transfusion in the areas of general medicine, obstetrics, paediatrics & neonatology, surgery & anaesthesia, trauma & acute surgery, and burns. Key points, tables and algorithms are highlighted for easy reference and a comprehensive index is included.



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